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Chain of Responsibility (CoR) – Each Person Has a Role. What’s yours?

Currently under the HVNL, all parties who have control or influence over the transport task are deemed responsible for complying with CoR obligations.

Is your company prepared? 4 Upcoming Amendments to Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

Changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law are coming in August 2018, and will affect not only transportation industries but every business using freight logistics across Australia.

[Infographic] ABCC Act & Building Code Service with BROWZ

The ABCC Act & Building Code Service is a simple solution to help understand your subcontractors' capabilities.

Contractors Must Meet Sustainability Guidelines

More and more companies are voluntarily implementing green initiatives to reduce costs and preserve the environment — and simultaneously they are expecting their suppliers and service contractors to do the same.

BROWZ Appears in Forbes Magazine

BROWZ recently appeared in Forbes Magazine, the article highlighting both new BROWZ products and BROWZ CEO Elaine Beitler. Throughout the article, Elaine Beitler discusses the change occurring at BROWZ, and the recent accolades and achievements that push …

How to Strike the Best Deal with Contractors

It is difficult enough for corporations to spend valuable resources working to make the best deal with a handful of outside contractors and project vendors - it is entirely different to have to work out agreements and suitable contracts with hundreds or t…

Building a Contractor Prequalification Program: The Value of Continuous Support

The implementation and building of a contractor screening program can be a large project that requires considerable resources. Effective and sustainable programs require the support of a group of people who are dedicated to helping set up a certification …

5 Contractor Management Necessities

The world’s leading businesses are hiring third party contractor management services to pre-qualify and screen their contractors, suppliers and vendors. This contractor management process provides assurance that organizations are working with the safest m…

Will I Need to Do a Risk Assessment on Every Job?

With health and safety laws continually changing and improving, people should now be aware of the requirements of companies to eliminate risks to health and safety so far as is reasonably practicable.

SURE Workforce- Manage Qualifications at the Employee Level

With the release of the SURE Workforce mobile app, it’s helpful to understand what SURE Workforce as a BROWZ product does as a whole. SURE Workforce, an add-on to SURE Qualify, takes compliance one step further and provides insight down to the employee le…

Administrative Support is Necessary to Success

Your company has choices when it’s time to choose contractors and suppliers to work on your projects. You always have the option to run the process, choose contractors and ensure compliance in house, but this can eat into valuable resources over time.

Poor Enforcement Can Sink your Supply Chain

One of the most common reasons that a supply chain management program may fail is poor enforcement, both internally and externally. - See more at:…

Suppliers and Contractors Must Understand the Importance of the Prequalification Process

If you have your internal team on board with the idea of a prequalification process for contractors and suppliers, you may still run into issues with the suppliers themselves. If contractors don’t understand the potential value of the prequalification pro…

How Ineffective Communication Can Destroy your Contractor Qualification Process

Ineffective communication can be the downfall of any organization, and is pertinent to the contractor prequalification process. Communication is an essential part of every facet of your business, and becomes even more crucial when the work of contractors …

The BROWZ Process - From Start to Finish

Just what does the BROWZ process look like? We understand that software alone doesn’t ensure the success of your contractor prequalification program. That’s why we place equal emphasis on delivering personalized service. In other words, with BROWZ, you’re…

Are You Assessing Your Contractor’s Capability? - If Not, Why Not?

When employing contractors, you generally expect to get the job done right, on-time and at a competitive price, but this is not always to reality. There are thousands of horror stories out there, just do a quick Google search on dodgy contractors and see …

Cadmium concerns prompt OSHA to release new tool

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released a tool that aims to help protect workers from cadmium exposure.

Natural gas boom could increase chemical manufacturing

America's increasing natural gas production is on the rise, and some expect the country to be energy-independent within just a few decades. This has the potential to not only lower prices at the gas pump, but also to change the chemical manufacturing indu…

Supplier compliance essential to protect consumers

Companies that sell consumer products may assume their suppliers will follow safety, production, and handling standards set by the government or industry.

Climate change highlights need for responsible suppliers

The devastating Hurricane Sandy stirred up debates about whether increasingly severe weather has been caused by global warming, as Brad Plumer recently wrote for The Washington Post.

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