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CoR Laws Reduce Risk for your Organization

New Chain of Responsibility laws are coming in mid 2018. Is your business ready? Are you ready? These reforms are a significant step forward in recognising that everyone in the supply chain has a role to play in ensuring heavy vehicle safety.

Is your company prepared? 4 Upcoming Amendments to Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

Changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law are coming in August 2018, and will affect not only transportation industries but every business using freight logistics across Australia.

[Infographic] ABCC Act & Building Code Service with BROWZ

The ABCC Act & Building Code Service is a simple solution to help understand your subcontractors' capabilities.

New ABCC Building Code Service Available from BROWZ

BROWZ Australia has developed a questionnaire which helps Principal Contractors and Lead Contractors assess their sub-contractors under the Building Code.

BROWZ Introduces a Solution to Help Manage ABCC Act and Building Code Requirements

BROWZ has launched a solution which enables organizations to understand their contractors and sub-contractors capabilities to meet the ABCC Building Code requirements.

Working with Contractors

Contractors are becoming vital components to business operations for companies of all sizes in varying industries. Enterprises are turning to industry-specific firms to take care of certain tasks within a project, allowing for in-house employees to focus …

Supplier Compliance Essential to Protect Consumers

Companies that sell consumer products may assume their suppliers will follow safety, production, and handling standards set by the government or industry. However, contractors that neglect to abide by approved practices could be putting dangerous goods on…

Do I Need a Contractor Verification System?

Globalization has led to an explosion in the number of contractors that both multinational and domestic companies are working with. There are strong economic drivers for businesses that operate in other countries to hire local service providers and worker…

BROWZ Appears in Forbes Magazine

BROWZ recently appeared in Forbes Magazine, the article highlighting both new BROWZ products and BROWZ CEO Elaine Beitler. Throughout the article, Elaine Beitler discusses the change occurring at BROWZ, and the recent accolades and achievements that push …

Behind the Scenes Work Required to Hire Reliable Suppliers

Although it seems like a time- and resource-saver for multinational companies to hire contracted professionals to efficiently work within their specific industries on a large project, there is plenty of legwork that is required for businesses to ensure th…

How to Strike the Best Deal with Contractors

It is difficult enough for corporations to spend valuable resources working to make the best deal with a handful of outside contractors and project vendors - it is entirely different to have to work out agreements and suitable contracts with hundreds or t…

Building a Contractor Prequalification Program: The Value of Continuous Support

The implementation and building of a contractor screening program can be a large project that requires considerable resources. Effective and sustainable programs require the support of a group of people who are dedicated to helping set up a certification …

5 Contractor Management Necessities

The world’s leading businesses are hiring third party contractor management services to pre-qualify and screen their contractors, suppliers and vendors. This contractor management process provides assurance that organizations are working with the safest m…

Continuous Use of Best Practices and Constant Improvement

Managing a contractor or supplier working on a project for your company is more than a one-time event – it is a fluid process that must be adjusted throughout the project. If your executives or administrators believe that this is a one-time event, they ma…

Administrative Support is Necessary to Success

Your company has choices when it’s time to choose contractors and suppliers to work on your projects. You always have the option to run the process, choose contractors and ensure compliance in house, but this can eat into valuable resources over time.

How Ineffective Communication Can Destroy your Contractor Qualification Process

Ineffective communication can be the downfall of any organization, and is pertinent to the contractor prequalification process. Communication is an essential part of every facet of your business, and becomes even more crucial when the work of contractors …

Gaps in Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management promises to transform an organization’s economic future. However, one of the principal barriers to the realization of these benefits are gaps in…

How Contractor Management Can Reduce the Costs of Unsafe Work

Have you ever wondered why it’s common for contractors to work more unsafe than the rest of your employees? If so, you’ll know their unsafe work contribute towards your indirect operational costs. So what do you do about it?

5 Most Common Challenges of Contractor Qualification and Management

Industry-leading companies are turning to contractor management software and services to save time and money and minimize risk. What are the most common challenges of contractor qualification and management? Shown below are the reasons why leading organiz…

How Contractor Management Can Reduce the Costs of Unsafe Work

Have you ever wondered why it’s common for contractors to work unsafely? Click here to learn how contractor management can decrease your costs

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