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Contractors Must Meet Sustainability Guidelines

More and more companies are voluntarily implementing green initiatives to reduce costs and preserve the environment — and simultaneously they are expecting their suppliers and service contractors to do the same.

ESG issues becoming more important

Drawn to sustainability measures for their cost-saving potential and appeal to consumers, more companies are employing green energy strategies and are working to ensure contractors throughout their supply chains use environmentally friendly strategies.

Apple manufacturer Foxconn may be in violation of health and safety regulations

After a string of suicides and protests at its Foxconn factory in China, technology giant Apple voiced its commitment to corporate social responsibility and a determination to rid its supply chain of unethical or dangerous practices.

UN regulations may change sustainability requirements

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has developed a new council that will serve to guide the international community in developing environmental goals and creating more sustainability measures.

New research reveals corporate social responsibility essential for businesses

Recent survey results from investor relations firm Adam Friedman Associates revealed corporate social responsibility is closely linked to how a company operates, does business, and preserves its bottom line.

Survey reveals sustainability a concern for businesses

The BSR State of Sustainable Business Poll 2012 revealed that companies are attempting to do much more to ensure they, their suppliers, and their contractors are compliant with both government regulations and company-wide sustainability initiatives.

Corporate social responsibility is essential in procurement

Corporate social responsibility, or abiding by regulatory and ethical standards, is quickly becoming essential for many companies.

The importance of corporate social responsibility

Many companies are concerned about their corporate social responsibility, or ensuring that the areas they invest and do business in benefit from their presence.

Electronics contractors come under fire

Using hundreds, if not thousands, of contractors can quickly become a risky situation for the companies' profits and public image if they do not enact systems for ensuring the external business partners are complying with labor laws and company values

Corporate social responsibility is everyone's business

In recent years, the balance of power has shifted from companies to consumers, and more people are demanding products that meet their needs without causing social or environmental harm.

Recent fire highlights need for safety compliance

A fire at a factory in Bangladesh that recently killed more than 100 workers has brought attention to safety concerns throughout supply chains and what actions are being taken to promote corporate social responsibility.

Samsung aims for supplier compliance

Technology giant Samsung recently conducted an audit of its suppliers and manufacturers after allegations of child labor in the company's supply chain in China arose.