ProcureCon CPO Study


The ProcureCon CPO Study is based on a research report based on the opinions and case studies of CPO’s who participated in an invite-only roundtable held at ProcureCon Indirect West 2015.

The role of the CPO continues to grow in strategic influence, bolstered by procurement’s track record of eliminating waste and streamlining operations. The change is reflective of larger transformations occurring around the department as a whole. What began as a department deeply entrenched in a tactical position within the business is undergoing a period of ascendency, where CPOs are being counted among vital partners guiding the businesses they serve.

Download this white paper to learn more from leading procurement professionals, research findings, and recommendations. 

Members of the study include:

  • Owen West- BROWZ
  • Ron Gregorsok- Luxotica Retail North America
  • David Hearn- Juniper Networks
  • Lamar Chesney- Suntrust Banks
  • Kurt Meiers- Vice President of Strategic Sourcing


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