ProcureCon-BROWZ Procurement Benchmark

As businesses grow, it is common for procurement to go from decentralized to either a centralized or hybrid model in order for a COE to retain a high level view of company spending and focus on identifying strategic opportunities.

Time is a precious, finite resource, and the relative value of time has gone up within the environment of a procurement operation. Top executives in procurement are being looked to in order to guide global policies from the COE, creating strategies that can create a tangible positive impact through saving and the creation of value.

Because of this heightened pressure, some leading companies are beginning to look at what parts of their processes can be better standardized and which can actually be outsource to free up internal capability.

Download this White Paper to learn about:

  • Evaluating the structure of your procurement operation to ensure the optimal setup for productivity. 
  • Ensuring that procurement is actively creating internal buy-in and the importance of possessing the communication skills required for effective communication of value. 
  • Identifying areas where processes can be streamlined and standardized. 




"Procurement can influence overall  safety through the purchasing decisions it makes, not only for materials suppliers and vendors, but also the contractors that perform services on behalf of the organization."


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