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"We actually did a pilot on both coasts. We utilized BROWZ on our East Coast, and a competitor on our West Coast to see who we wanted to go with, and whether this was something-- the road that we wanted to go down as a company." 



"BROWZ kind of rose to the top when we did that pilot, and really, it was feedback from the contractors themselves telling us their experience with BROWZ, versus their experience with a competitor. So we had a great experience working with the BROWZ team kind of early on.

They've been very helpful and patient with us as we've taken baby steps in the process, but certainly, we did look at a competitor and BROWZ definitely rose to the top. I was able to attend last year's summit, and I was extremely happy that I was able to make it this year as well.

Some of the benefits, networking and talking to some different folks. I think our speaker today mentioned just getting outside of your own area of expertise and talking to others. And so had some good conversations with folks in the mining industry. I mean, we're an entertainment company, and we're talking contractor safety management with a mining company.

And actually, we're able to utilize some good, solid advice and wisdom that was shared with me last year to implement some things at Disney this year. So it's been a great relationship there, and happy to be here. I, actually, brought two additional folks from Disney this year because it was so impactful last year as well.

Absolutely, I use the mobile app. I rarely use my desktop to access it because it's so handy, so useful. I've been preaching to the folks that we've got out in the field just the benefits of the mobile app, real time in the field to be able to look up information, check compliance status, look up contact information, whatever the case may be. It's in your hand. It's available. We've all got a smartphone hanging on our belt.

So I've really been encouraging the use of that, and it's a great tool. I've had a great experience with BROWZ. There's been many times where we asked for certain things, to customize something for us. And I even cringed asking the question, thinking it was not going to be possible, and they were able to deliver. So I've been very impressed."

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“BROWZ provides a solution consistent with our company’s commitment to workplace safety. As a member of a global community, we value the well-being of our employees and business partners.”

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