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It has become the downside the strategy consultants don’t tell you about. Although it is widely accepted that it makes good sense for businesses to concentrate on their core competencies, the inevitable corollary is that non-core activities will have to be outsourced to third parties. But what if those third-party contractors are negligent, unsafe, or incompetent?

This whitepaper includes case studies and pragmatic solutions to both implementing and managing a contractor prequalification program. 

Why should businesses engage BROWZ for contractor qualification and management? Quite simply, it’s about achieving better long-term control over contractor compliance, says Shane Neve, the company’s vice-president for professional services. And that improved control comes in several forms."

“Look at how even those businesses that excel at contractor qualification manage the resulting information, and you’ll see that spreadsheets and filing cabinets are commonplace. But while spreadsheets and filing cabinets are acceptable as data repositories, they don’t have in-built reporting or assessment capabilities – whereas our software solution does, enabling businesses to slice-and-dice information however they wish."

- Shane Neve, VP at BROWZ


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