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"Overall, the experience with BROWZ has been nothing but phenomenal. You make us look good, right? Because we hire the right contractors."



"You do the pre-qualification, and then that makes our performance come up. So we've had absolutely positive experience with BROWZ. In working with BROWZ, we're actually realizing that it's much bigger than we originally anticipated. And I think being able to go section by section and deep dive to figure out is this a need for us or is this not a need for us, and then if it is, how do we implement it?

And really setting up the strategy that works for our company that other similar companies may have utilized or companies that have nothing to do with our type of business. Just taking that foundation and then walking through the points and setting up our specific strategy on how it's going to be implemented for us has been phenomenal.

I used the mobile app this morning. I was sitting in one of the sessions and I got an email. One of my general contractors is looking for an electrical subcontractor.

And so I popped up the mobile app, I dialed in a couple of names, looked at their score, and actually was able to immediately respond back to the email and provide him that documentation as if I was sitting at my desk. And here I am in Sundance, Utah, and I'm able to do that just at the click of a button. It was awesome, it was good."

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“BROWZ provides a solution consistent with our company’s commitment to workplace safety. As a member of a global community, we value the well-being of our employees and business partners.”

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