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"I think the BROWZ team has been really great to work with up to this point in our relationship. We've been with BROWZ for a little bit over a year. And I think that any time we've asked for help with something, asked to look at something different, they've been very responsive from a customer service level. 



And they provide us with great feedback, great communication, and really work hard to help us accomplish our individual goals as an organization.

I've worked on the corporate side. I've worked at the site level side as well, and it's been a good program to help us effectively manage insurance requirements and health and safety requirements for contractors coming onto our site.

We had a change in safety and health leadership, and it was the main reason why we decided to look at a company like BROWZ. The senior vice president of safety at our organization, I worked with him before at another company. And we both were at a company that had had some issues with contractors, contractors causing injuries, or serious near misses, or maybe even a fatality at this particular company.

And we explored options back then, maybe even competitors of yours, and we felt like in this organization, as we came in recently in the last two years, that there was an opportunity here to make those changes as well, and that those risks exist and were very real in our organization and needed to be addressed.

I think the biggest thing for our organization that has stood out with going to BROWZ is that we have a much better handle on whether or not the people coming onto our site have the protections in place, especially from an insurance standpoint, that we're looking for to help protect our organization and protect the people that we work with at the site level.

We have a better confidence in their safety and health systems that they have in place. And we, at least at a corporate standpoint, I think feel like in the past, we've had contractors that may have come on site without the proper insurance and the proper health and safety systems in place.

And we're really putting our employees at risk, and we've seen an improvement from that, I believe. Previous companies I've worked with, we've used some other pre-qualification systems.

ISNetworld, which I believe is a big competitor of yours, is one that we've used, and we decided to go to BROWZ at Energy Solutions after looking-- having some experience with that system, we felt like BROWZ was just a better overall system to meet our needs. And so far, I think we've realized that with the customer service level that we've gotten from the BROWZ team. 

We had a system in place to manage contractors that really wasn't a system, and now we have a system in place. We're newer in the BROWZ system, so we still have kinks. We still have bugs we have to work out, but I think the best thing out of this has been the fact that we have a responsive system.

When we need changes, when we need to do things differently, we've been able to work with BROWZ to make those tweaks and adjust the system that we're trying to put in place. No system goes in perfect the first time. Really, the success for us is being able to continually evolve as we move through this journey."

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“BROWZ provides a solution consistent with our company’s commitment to workplace safety. As a member of a global community, we value the well-being of our employees and business partners.”

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