Xcel Energy Case Study

Energy giant achieves greater than 90% compliance in contractor safety

Xcel Energy is one of the ten largest electric utilities in the United States. With over 12,500 employees, Xcel Energy leads the industry in new and clean energy tecnologies.

Those same high standards apply when it comes health and safety, a number one priority for the company’s leadership and a key part of their corporate culture. And suppliers form no less of a priority.

Supplier compliance was initially tracked through custom software, but Xcel Energy soon realized they needed a partner in the process. They selected BROWZ, which provides a complete, online solution and services for prequalifying, assessing, and monitoring contractor compliance. BROWZ configured their solution specific to the needs of Xcel.

After the program was implemented, Xcel Energy noted several benefits, including: 90% compliance rates with contractors, improved qualification and training of contractors, reduced heavy administrative burden on
project managers, strengthened relationships with contractors, and an overall streamlined process.

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