Performance Evaluations Case Study

Improving Communication: Using BROWZ Performance Evaluations to Consistently Hire Better Contractors

Hiring the best contractors for the job is essential to streamlining contractor management and mitigating risk. One of the largest energy producers in the Southeast United States began using BROWZ for contractor prequalification services in 2016.

The company’s Supply Chain Department oversees contractors and suppliers and places a strong emphasis on hiring effective and high-performing contractors while fostering an effective safety culture within the company. The third parties they hire must be able to deliver high-quality work while keeping safety at the forefront. To achieve this, they use BROWZ SureQualify™ and BROWZ Performance Evaluations to review the job performance of contractors and improve communication between site locations.

“Using BROWZ for contractor prequalification has put a high emphasis on safety. By implementing BROWZ and consistently conducting Performance Evaluations, our contractors see that we are serious about contractor safety,” stated the director of the Supply Chain Department.

The senior contract agent for the Supply Chain Department added, “Performance Evaluations give us a platform to ensure that we are consistently hiring the best contractor for the job. All contractors are measured against the same standard; we now have additional feedback that helps us in our business decisions.”

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