ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River) LLC Case Study

Chemical Manufacturing Company Solidifies Partnership Between Suppliers

ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River), LLC is one of the largest suppliers of activated carbon, and recently designed and built the largest and most automated, advanced activated carbon plant in North America.

ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River), LLC previously relied on manual methods to prequalify contractors in-house. With these manual methods becoming increasingly time-consuming and labor-intensive, and after a positive experience using BROWZ as a supplier, ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River), LLC recognized the need to engage BROWZ to help prequalify, assess, and monitor compliance for contractors.









After the program was implemented, ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River), LLC noted several benefits, including: higher compliance rates with contractors, improved qualification and training of contractors, reduced heavy administrative burden on project managers, strengthened relationships with contractors, and an overall streamlined process.

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ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River) LLC Case Study Here

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