Administrative Support is Necessary to Success

April 12, 2016 //

Your company has choices when it’s time to choose contractors and suppliers to work on your projects. You always have the option to run the process, choose contractors and ensure compliance in house, but this can eat into valuable resources over time.

Poor Enforcement Can Sink your Supply Chain

April 06, 2016 //

One of the most common reasons that a supply chain management program may fail is poor enforcement, both internally and externally. - See more at:

Compliance is More Than a One-Time Event | Part 2

March 28, 2016 //

Failing to regularly manage and monitor compliance information beyond supplier prequalification can have large, potential negative impacts.

Compliance is more than a One-Time Event | Part 1

March 23, 2016 //

Compliance information is inherently dynamic- what are some critical types of compliance information?

Suppliers and Contractors Must Understand the Importance of the Prequalification Process

March 17, 2016 //

If you have your internal team on board with the idea of a prequalification process for contractors and suppliers, you may still run into issues with the suppliers themselves. If contractors don’t understand the potential value of the prequalification process, and only see it as cumbersome, time-consuming and an unnecessary cost, the process is destined to fail from the beginning.

Technology Is a Necessary Part of Prequalifying Suppliers and Contractors

March 15, 2016 //

When you bring in an outside company to work on any job for your organization, you run certain risks, particularly if that company isn’t prequalified to be safe, reliable and socially responsible. Risks include simple things like delays on the project to major issues like accidents on the job site.

Planning for Emergencies

March 01, 2016 //

While no one likes to think about an emergency situation occurring in their organization, turning a blind eye to it often results in not making any plans.

Getting your Suppliers to Buy-In to the Prequalification Process

February 25, 2016 //

Your brand is what defines your business, and it should be protected at all costs. A negative experience with a brand can be hugely detrimental as customers determine that their trust should be placed elsewhere.

How Ineffective Communication Can Destroy your Contractor Qualification Process

February 23, 2016 //

Ineffective communication can be the downfall of any organization, and is pertinent to the contractor prequalification process. Communication is an essential part of every facet of your business, and becomes even more crucial when the work of contractors and supply chains can reflect back on your brand or company.

The Danger of Not Understanding Internal Stakeholder Needs

February 16, 2016 //

Regardless of the size of your business, mitigating and controlling risk is an essential part of staying successful. Whether you run a small mom and pop restaurant or a Fortune 500 company, there are inherent risks in owning and running a business.

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