[Infographic] ABCC Act & Building Code Service with BROWZ

Oct 26, 2017

The ABCC Act & Building Code Service available from BROWZ is a simple solution to help understand your subcontractors’ capabilities.

What is the ABCC Act?

The ABCC Act was passed by the Australian Parliament in late 2016. The Code places obligations on principal contractors to monitor their subcontractors against code requirements today. The intent of the government is to improve procedures and behaviours throughout various industries.

ABCC Infographic_Full Size.png

How can BROWZ help?

BROWZ has developed a service to assist principal contractors in managing the requirements of the Building Code, and in particular assess whether their sub-contractors have the capability to meet Code requirements.

How does it work?

BROWZ has developed a questionnaire which helps principal contractors and lead contractors assess their subcontractors under the Building Code. This questionnaire was developed in conjunction with construction company clients in Australia and with advice from the Australian Industry Group.

The ABCC Act and Building Code Service is now available from BROWZ as part of a comprehensive prequalification program.

BROWZ can also help monitor company information, insurances, safety history, management systems, WHS systems, workforce diversity, transport chain of responsibility, and much more.

To learn more, visit www.browz.com/abcc