Are your Transportation Contractors Distracted?

Aug 16, 2016

Most U.S. states have laws prohibiting drivers from sending text messages while on the road. Most states and cities also prevent drivers from making phone calls because it constitutes distracted driving.

Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has partnered with the Department of Transportation to prevent driving accidents and create safer roads for transportation employees and the general public, there are still looming safety issues.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 is violated when employers require workers to text while driving or create a job where constant texting is necessary for the position and may put people in danger.

Workers still try to get away with texting and driving despite OSHA violations and local laws; unfortunately, contractors who haul materials for large-scale worksites and companies can ultimately damage business by not following the rules at all times.

Utilizing SURE Carrier to manage and hire reliable motor carriers can help put high-risk employers at ease and simultaneously keep roads safe for drivers by ensuring contractors and subcontractors receive the training to comply with all current distracted driving laws and OSHA requirements.

SURE Carrier makes it easy to review FMCSA/Department of Transportation compliance rates, and makes it easier to compare multiple carriers so you can make the best hiring decisions for your company.

SURE Carrier not only gives you a detailed view of your current motor carrier suppliers, it also simplifies to process and gives you data to validate new contractors based on trending performance data.

BROWZ may also offer third-party assistance in tracking critical documents, such as licenses and certificates, to guarantee no risk is forgotten and all contract haulers have the appropriate training to keep roads safe.

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