10 Technology Issues to Consider When Choosing a Supplier Prequalification Program

Jan 12, 2016

Before choosing and implementing a supplier qualification program, it’s important to consider potential technology issues that may arise during implementation. What questions should you be asking when choosing a program?

1. How well does the solution translate the thousands of data points we will be collecting into meaningful data that we can use for business decisions?

2. How well can the solution accommodate the vastly different types of contractors and regulatory requirements for our entire supplier population?

3. Can the solution be configured to my business and information requirements?

4. How secure is the solution? Has the solution and its architecture been validated by third-party certification groups?

5. How reliable is the solution? Has the solution experienced significant outages? What back-up or recovery plans exist in the event of a catastrophic incident?

6. Can I control the access to information and the ability of users to override information? What auditing capabilities will the solution provide?

7. Can the solution integrate with our current ERP and other in-house systems?

8. How solid is the infrastructure behind the solution?

9. What kind of implementation support will be provided to my organization? How will my contractors/ suppliers learn to use the system?

10. Is the solution easy to use? Web-based? Will my users have 24/7 access to up-to-date information? Do I have to buy a license for each user who needs to access our compliance information?

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