UK chemical manufacturer fined for safety issues

Nov 13, 2014

A chemical manufacturing facility from Daventry is receiving official scrutiny after its workers suffered from exposure to multiple dangerous chemicals while on the job.

After one of the plant's workers was found to have sustained occupation-related illness from handling such chemicals, a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation revealed the company neglected to take into account the risks employees would face while working with the substances. The workplace lacked the ventilation necessary to make it safe for employees.

"The measures that were required to have made this work safe were inexpensive and not difficult to implement," said HSE inspector James Wright. "These could have included effective fume cupboards suitable for the work, local exhaust ventilation, good hygiene practices, exposure monitoring and suitable PPE. Companies should ensure they have suitable arrangements in place to manage the risks from the handling of hazardous substances."

The company was fined for the violations and will need to adopt safety measures to ensure the noncompliant practices do not occur in the future.

Worker protection is a serious concern in many industries, especially those that require employees to handle or work near chemicals that can cause injuries or long-term illnesses. Firms should take the time and necessary precautions to determine if their procedures are in compliance with government and industry specific regulations. They must stay abreast of updates and take care to ensure any new processes are approved before implementation. Businesses that work with partners in high-risk industries should ensure their contractors abide with all standards.

These companies may also consider providing assistance to their partners to ensure contractor compliance and take the proper steps to guarantee risk management solutions that will protect both parties from fines, investigations, and accidents.

Category: risk mitigation