Regulatory cliff may mean new guidelines for companies

Dec 23, 2012

Need for Contractor Management Service Increases

Many business owners and much of the general public are concerned about the potential impact of the "fiscal cliff," a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts that will be implemented automatically if congressional policymakers fail to reach an agreement over the national budget and deficit by the end of the year. However, there are other potential changes on the horizon, a large number of new rules and regulations commonly known as the "regulatory cliff" which could increase the need for contractor management services.

Many of the new standards, which could add up to more than $100 billion, have been held back by the Obama administration. The Daily Caller reported that 80 percent of all new regulations have been under review for more than 90 days, however, the administration could release a plethora of new rules before the end of the year that will greatly affect businesses.

These regulations could impact how some companies operate in 2013 and require them to make changes to ensure they comply with sustainability measures, health and safety standards, and Environmental Protection Agency requirements.

Some of the potential new regulations include the EPA's Boiler MACT rule, which would be implemented to reduce emissions from industrial boilers and process heaters. Other rules are related to hydraulic fracking, walk-in freezers, lamp fixtures, refrigeration equipment, and manufactured housing, among other issues.

If these regulations are released and implemented, all businesses will need to ensure they are compliant with the new standards, as they can affect many industries. Not only will companies want to ensure their facilities and operations are compliant, they will also want to be certain their contractors are aware of and are abiding by the new rules. BROWZ can help a hiring company determine if a contractor meets regulatory standards as well as any business-specific rules. To learn more about BROWZ contractor management services click here.