BROWZ Unveils New Brand Identity

New brand identity to reflect significant growth and investments in supplier qualification and supply chain management


BROWZ, a world leader in supplier qualification and supply chain management solutions, has officially launched a new brand identity. This new brand recognizes the company’s significant growth in products and services, geographies, and industries, and reflects a service-oriented commitment to clients that has been one of the BROWZ core values since the company’s inception.

This unveiling comes at a pinnacle in BROWZ history—the height of the strongest growth cycle in the history of the organization. This growth is driven largely by a four-year expansion into international markets including Australia, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, and by the improved suite of products based on the BROWZ SURE patented technology. These products provide clients with assurance that the companies and employees of those companies within their supply chain meet their qualifications. 

BROWZ is currently the largest provider of supplier qualification solutions to the global mining industry, with leadership in nearly a dozen additional industries including manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceutical, entertainment, and power generation. Their demonstrated leadership attracts global Fortune 100 industry leaders who select the BROWZ solution because of its flexible, global capabilities and for its proven reputation for service excellence.

The new logo with configurable Cs icon and the tagline “The Right Fit” illustrate BROWZ’s ability to configure supply chain management solutions specific to the unique challenges that the world’s largest enterprise organizations face.

“The new, BROWZ configurable Cs icon illustrates the way we do business: bringing multiple products together, configuring them to create a solution that’s ‘The Right Fit’ for our customers,” says Elaine Beitler, BROWZ CEO. “We pride ourselves on bringing continuous innovation to our technology and service to help our clients meet business challenges today and into the future, while maintaining the confidence and reliability of information 100% of the time. It’s with great pride that we hear from our Fortune 50 clientele that BROWZ provides them with assurance of a safe and qualified supply chain.”

In addition to tremendous growth, the launch of the brand capstones a three-year period of significant investment in BROWZ products and technology as well as the creation of a recent equity position by Long Ridge Equity partners.

BROWZ’s new messaging will formally introduce products and service that transform the way customers manage and qualify their supply chain, including:

SURE Qualify

SURE Qualify is the center of the BROWZ product suite, enabling clients to identify risk within their supply chain in key areas such as insurance, environmental health and safety, corporate social responsibility, financial stability, supplier demographics, security, and much more. Through best practices, expert consultation, supplier assessments, third-party validation, patented technology, and personalized support, customers can be assured they’re working with the safest members of their supply chain.  

SURE Workforce

SURE Workforce allows organizations to manage qualification down to the employee level within their supply chain. This can include employee-level documentation and data, delivery of web-based induction trainings, integration with badging and ERP systems, time tracking, and much more.  

SURE Audit

SURE Audit provides insight into the depth, trends, and culture of a supplier’s safety program as qualified BROWZ professionals perform audits of safety programs and management systems, looking for both lagging and leading safety indicators. All audit findings are made available, as is supporting documentation in BROWZ.

Ready Source

Ready Source is a web-based supplier qualification portal through which suppliers submit information about their business so procurement can evaluate qualifications prior to awarding work, expediting the sourcing process.

Dedicated Support

In addition to providing software, BROWZ complements their technology by providing a single point of contact to every supply chain member. This qualification expert assists suppliers and contractors when they have specific questions about the qualification process and proactively reaches out to them before documents expire.

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